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At Moors & Cabot Investments, your muni bonds are carefully curated by an expert trader and crafted into a customized portfolio to meet the individual investment needs of your most discerning clients.

Your expertise is advising your clients. It is not searching through thousands of muni offerings to find the best bonds. This can cause you to waste valuable time and money.

To make matters worse, you know a one-size-fits-all mutual fund, ETF or large scale separate account is not the best option for your most discerning clients.

Get the expertise you need with a targeted approach to muni bond selection.

Your expert advice, combined with our market access and targeted approach, lets you offer fully-customizable municipal bond portfolios as part of your regular asset allocation process.


Invest in municipal bonds with longevity. States, cities, public schools, utilities and transportation systems have longevity measured in decades and centuries.


Our traders bid on municipal bonds at yields that are higher than prevailing market yields. This puts you in a position to offer the benefits of our selective approach and the lower prices we target.


To help you match your clients’ investment targets, we invest for relative value, relying on our assessment of the optimal combinations of factors such as: coupon, maturity date, call date, sector, and quality. And we are not benchmark-trackers. We stray from benchmark bonds when useful in our search for value.

Work directly with an expert trading team.

Offer portfolios that reflect your clients’ circumstances. We seek to build portfolios that reflect your circumstances, with the goal of generating more income than you may find in other securities or funds. When we manage your municipal bond assets, you are positioned uniquely close to the municipal bond market.

  • Exempt and Taxable Municipal Bond Mandates
  • Full Mandate Customization for Each Portfolio, Including State or National, Exempt or Taxable, Short to Long Duration
  • Laddered or Active Portfolio Management
  • SMA’s at Your Custodian

Let’s get started with a free fixed income portfolio analysis.

Your free fixed income portfolio analysis includes a review of current holdings, advantages and potential issues given to your investors’ circumstances, and recommendations for improvement.

  1. Review Current Holdings

  2. Identify Advantages and Potential Issues

  3. Recommend Improvements

What your muni bond portfolio should be.

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