What your muni bond portfolio should be.

At Moors & Cabot Investments, our expert traders carefully curate muni bonds and craft customized portfolios for individual investors, their advisors and the institutions that serve them.

Most investors own mutual funds, ETFs or large scale separate accounts because they are readily available and easy to trade in taxable and tax deferred accounts, alike.  

What investors may not understand, is how easy it can be to own individual municipal bonds and their advantages within a brokerage, trust and other taxable accounts. They also do not typically realize the benefits of owning taxable municipal bonds in tax-deferred accounts such as IRAs and pensions.

Trust a company who’s been managing investments since 1890.

Over the past 129 years, we have helped five generations navigate every kind of market condition. Municipal bonds are investments measured in decades and centuries. Shouldn’t you be invested in assets with generational longevity?

Our team is motivated by doing what’s best for investors.

The $3.8 trillion muni bond market moves fast. This is why our team of expert traders are dedicated to finding the cheapest muni bonds, trading throughout the day for our clients’ accounts.

Brad Currie

Brad has an extensive background in municipal bond origination, sales, trading, and credit analysis. He brings a deep and varied education in the municipal bond market, making him a strong resource for value-oriented fixed income investing. Prior to M&C, Brad worked for some of the largest and smallest fixed income desks in the country. To check the background of this investment professional, please visit FINRA'S BrokerCheck.

Peter Scott

Peter brings a deep concentration in municipal bonds. Peter has seen all types of markets and is a valuable asset, no matter the interest rate environment. He is a tireless bidder of bonds and goes out of his way to find his clients the best combination of safety and value. To check the background of this investment professional, please visit FINRA'S BrokerCheck.

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What your muni bond portfolio should be.

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