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Are you looking for more Tax Free Income?

Instead of looking at what to buy start looking at what NOT to buy. The short end of the municipal bond market is extremely expensive in our opinion. Most money managers and legacy bond buyers were taught to ladder portfolios for 1-10 ...

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Flattening Yield Curve

Relative to the U.S. treasury market, the municipal yield curve is steep and has been for many years now. Investors who have been willing to consider longer term bonds have been rewarded with more yield, more income, and strong liquidity for their bonds.

Best Municipal Bonds

Municipal Bond SMA’s – Client-Driven Portfolios We understand why advisors use mutual funds and ETF’s for municipal bond exposure. Lack of time or a focus on passive investing style are the most likely reasons. Advisors ...

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Individual Bonds Can Improve Yields

When we speak with advisors and investors, we often learn they invest in municipal bond mutual funds and ETF’s. No wonder people think municipal bonds have unattractive yields. Mutual funds and ETF’s as vehicles to invest in municipal ...


Taxable Municipals: Pick Up Yield, Higher Coupons, and Improve Credit Quality

Taxable municipal bonds are appealing for their yield, income, and credit strength. Many investors are unaware of this asset class which is unfortunate given it is compelling and they might benefit from it. Did you know that BBB munis ...

Municipal Bond Strategy

Guidance: The Municipal Bond Market Offers Attractive Relative Value. Here is Our Strategy.

There are attractive opportunities in the municipal bond market. Our portfolios exhibit strong yield and less duration compared to many intermediate municipal bond benchmarks, ETF’s and mutual funds*. Currently, we aim for real yield ...

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Relative Value In Municipals

We are here to simplify the municipal bond market. Read our update on opportunities in the municipal bond market. The municipal bond market offers compelling income streams and yields. Recent monetary and fiscal policy events have ...

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Market Update – November 2017

We are here to simplify the municipal bond market. Read on for an update on interest rates, the House’s tax legislation, and municipal bond portfolio positioning recommendations. Yield Curve Inversion? A major issue today is the ...

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Why Individual Municipal Bond Portfolios?

When we speak with investors and advisors, we often learn they rely heavily on municipal bond mutual funds and ETF’s. To that we say, “no wonder people think municipal bonds are expensive!” This widespread reliance on mutual funds and ...

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Market Update – April 2017

The market experienced a large range of optimism and uncertainty over the past few months. The prominent theme continues to be the convergence of optimism with a harsh reality that the U.S. economy may not be on the cusp of an era of ...